If you’re in need of a single comic strip or a series of comics, I can supply everything you need. Whether it’s for an ad campaign, magazine or book series, I can deliver the complete package, writing, pencilling, inking, lettering and coloring! I also enjoy working in collaboration with others, so if you already have the writing, I can handle any part of the process you need.

Take a look at the variety of projects to your right. I was the lone creator on most of them, except for the Man Of Popsicle strips and Good Rat/ Bad Rat.

Just send over your text, manuscript or description of what needs to be illustrated and I’ll take it from there! I’ll provide a comprehensive sketch with opportunities for feedback and revisions. For finishes, I primarily work in Photoshop, but I can do vector work in Illustrator if needed.

I’m easy to work with and a price usually can be reached so each party is satisfied. My goal is to provide you with the best illustration possible to meet your needs!

Let’s make something fun!
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